SRAM GX Eagle Grip Shift Shifter 12-Speed Rear-Black

SRAM GX Eagle Grip Shift Shifter 12-Speed Rear-Black

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The GX Eagle shifters for the Eagle 1x12 drive trains are high performance, moderate priced and put total control of your gear selection in one hand.

  • Includes 2200mm cable
  • Updated SRAM twist mechanism for higher precision and increased durability

GX Eagle™ – Range To Realize
GX Eagle™ gives you a superior advantage with its simple, trouble-free drivetrain system. Offering freedom from complexity and limitations, the lightweight GX Eagle™ system provides comfort on the climbs and speed on the flats. Engineered in Germany with durability and dependability at its core, the GX Eagle™ is the clear choice to bring more riders to the mountain.

The GX Eagle™ Shifter
The GX Eagle™ grip shift is the control center of the Eagle™ drivetrain. SRAM’s grip shift mechanism is designed to provide an increased level of precision, while remaining simple and intuitive. Robust internals make this 12-speed Eagle™ shifter durable. X-Actuation™ technology keeps shifting sharp and consistent across the entire cassette. The GX Eagle™ grip shift puts total control of your gear selection into the palm of your hand.

Designed As One
Every SRAM GX Eagle™ component is 100% compatible with all levels of SRAM Eagle™ drivetrain systems. SRAM Eagle™ 1x drivetrains are fully system engineered for optimal performance. Eagle™ drivetrains are designed, tested and proven to deliver the lightweight, high-performing, and durable systems for all riders on any trail. Eagle™ technology provides an expanded, optimum, gear range that allows you to realize your bike’s potential.


  • Color: Black
  • Shifter Style: Twist
  • Rear Der/Shifter Compatibility: SRAM X-Actuation
  • Drivetrain Speeds: 12