ABUS Combination Numerino 5412C Cable Lock: 85cm x 12mm, Black

ABUS Combination Numerino 5412C Cable Lock: 85cm x 12mm, Black

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The Numerino stands out due to good flexibility and low weight.

  • 12mm all steel non-coiling cable
  • 2.8 feet in length
  • Coated cable protects bicycle finish from damage
  • Durable, rattle-free bracket offers tool-free mounting
  • Two component moulded digits guarantee life-long visibility
  • Security Rating: 3 of 15
  • Advertised Weight: 0.77
  • Cable Style: Non-Coiled
  • Length: 85
  • Lock Style: Keyed
  • Diameter: 12

Abus Security Levels


Locks with a rating between 1-4 provide basic protection against theft and best suited for areas of low risk. These locks are often intended for use on children’s bikes, as a secondary locking option or as an accessory lock such as a helmet or seat leash.


Locks with a security level between 5-9 offer an extra level of security and are most appropriate areas of medium to low theft risk and for use on good to entry level adult bikes. These locks are also recommended as secondary locking options in areas of high-theft risk when used with a higher rated lock for added security.


Bicycle locks with a security dial rating between 10-15 offer the maximum protection and are intended for use with higher-end bicycles, bikes locked in urban areas and for use in areas of high-theft risk.